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Q. I'm looking for some sales training material for door-to-door sales. The company I work for has crappy training. I haven't really gotten any help from them.

A. - Better not come knocking on MY door. Notice I do NOT have an ADT sing in my yard? Ever wonder why? If wanted your lousy service I would ask. Its scum like you who give the industry a bad name. (not necessarily just ADT, rather door to door cold sales). You'll get what you deserve one day when you get attacked by dogs, maced, or a gun shoved in your face. Die SCUM ;) Only people I know or invite have the right to knock on MY door, bar emergency situations. -Get a book by Zig Ziglar from Barnes & Noble et al to show you sales technique . If you need a pitch written for you you really should not be in sales . Maybe the lout who does not like his door knocked upon would have a job for you . -Is Zig the guy who used to give sales training seminars at ISC? If so, skip the book. If that's someone else, well then go to the library and check it out before plunking down money on a copy. Most of the alarm industry sales literature I've seen is rubbish. -To the original poster, ADT supplies is residential salespeople with relatively little training. The turnover rate is just too high. However, most participate in a group training program called Quickstart, and there is some limited training available within the local branches. ADT's core commercial and national account salespeople receive considerably more training. These are considered "professional" sales positions , and ADT tends to invest considerably more money in them simply because of the larger scale of the transactions. If sales is your chosen career, then I'd suggest looking into a sales training program such as Dale Carnegie. You can learn techniques that can be applied in most any sales job.


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